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Illustration Glossary Overview /core/fileparse.php/2122/urlt/Illustration-Glossary-Guide-for-SD.pdf
This document describes the illustrate glossary - an accessibility feature available for mathematics assessmets. 
Assessment Viewing Application (AVA) User Guide (Coming Soon)

This user guide supports users of the Assessment Viewing Application (AVA). AVA is a component of the Online Testing System that allows District-Level and School-Level users to view the interim assessments for administrative or instructional purposes.

This document will provide an overview and support for users accessing the DESMOS calculators in the Test Delivery System during the South Dakota online practice, training and interim test administration.

Please see links to access specific Desmos calculators.

How to Access Gizmos Quick Guide /core/fileparse.php/2122/urlt/Accessing-GIZMOS-Quick-Guide_2020-2021_09092020.pdf
Updated September 09, 2020
This Quick Guide provides instruction on How to Access Gizmos.  
Interim Assessments Overview
Updated July 23, 2020
This document describes the ELA and Math interim assessments, including their purpose, use, and varieties. For each grade and subject, this document provides a list of all interim assessments available for the 2019–20 school year
Paper Response Card Quick Guide (Coming Soon)
Updated June 13, 2020
Paper response cards are paper manipulatives for students with a paper accommodation documented in their IEP. This quick guide provides an overview for using paper response cards for administration of the SDSAA. 
Reporting User Guide /core/fileparse.php/2122/urlt/SD-2021-Summative-and-Interim-Reporting-Guide.pdf
Updated September 02, 2020
Reporting Quick Guide /core/fileparse.php/2122/urlt/SD-1920-Quick-Guide-to-Reporting.pdf
Updated June 13, 2020
Quick Guide to Generating and Exporting Individual Student Reports (ISR) /core/fileparse.php/2122/urlt/SD-2021-Quick-Guide-to-Exporting-Individual-Student-Reports-ISR.pdf
Updated August 21, 2020

These user guides provide instructions and support for users viewing the assessment performance reports and handscoring in the Reporting system. 

Secure Inbox Guide /core/fileparse.php/2122/urlt/SD-1920-Secure-Inbox-Guide-Final.pdf
Updated June 13, 2020

The Secure Inbox serves as a secure repository that lists files containing the data that you have exported in Cambium Assessment systems. These user guides provide instructions and support for Secure Inbox users. 

Test Delivery System Guide /core/fileparse.php/2122/urlt/SD-2021-Test-Delivery-System-Guide.pdf
Updated August 28, 2020

This user guide supports educators and proctors who manage testing for students participating in the South Dakota summative assessment, interim assessment, and the practice or training tests.

TIDE User Guide /core/fileparse.php/2122/urlt/SD-2021-TIDE-System-Guide.pdf
Updated August 26, 2020

This manual provides an overview of the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE). After reviewing this user guide, you should become familiar with managing user accounts, managing student information and test settings, and creating rosters that can be used to view test data in the reporting system. 

Tools, Supports, and Accommodations (TSA) Guidelines /core/fileparse.php/2122/urlt/SD-2021-Tools-Supports-and-Accommodations-Guide.pdf
Updated August 19, 2020

The Tools, Supports, and Accommodations Guidelines (TSA) provide districts and schools guidance for making decisions about best use of tools designated supports, and accommodations for administering the South Dakota English Language Arts (ELA), Math and Science assessments to all students.

User Roles and Access to South Dakota AIR Assessment Systems /core/fileparse.php/2122/urlt/SD-2021-User-Role-Permissions-Guide.pdf
Updated September 02, 2020

This document contains a list of user roles and access for the tasks that District Users and School Users can perform in all online South Dakota Assessments systems (TIDE, TDS, AVA, DEI, Reporting). It is recommended to review this document prior to assigning a system user permission to individuals in your districts or schools. 

 Note: This information will not be included in the individual system user guides and will reference this standalone document.