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Online, Summative Test Administrator Script (Coming Soon)
Updated February 07, 2020
Simplifed Test Directions (Coming Soon)
Test Administration Checklist (Coming Soon)
Updated February 06, 2020
Test Administration Checklist (Coming Soon)
Updated February 07, 2020

The Online, Summative Proctor (PR) Script provides the PR with information that can be easily referenced and printed during the day of test administration. It includes the PR script that must be read aloud and login procedures for students taking the online, Summative assessment.

The Simplified Test Directions is a designated support that allows Proctors to simplify or paraphrases the test directions found in the Online TAM or PR Script according to the Simplified Test Directions Guidelines. Use of this support might require a separate test setting.

District, School, and Proctors/Teachers can use the Online, Summative, Test Administration Checklists to prepare for online testing. 

Periodic Table /core/fileparse.php/2122/urlt/SD-Periodic-Table.pdf

This document contains the Periodic Table is available for the Grade 8 and Grade 11 Science and Science Alternate  assessments as a non-embedded accommodation. The printed Periodic Table is to be used only for students with visual processing or spatial perception needs as documented in their IEP or 504 plan. 

Science Interim Assessment Targets /core/fileparse.php/2122/urlt/SD-2021-Science-Interim-Targets.xlsx
Updated August 18, 2020