Frequently Asked Questions about SDDOE System Information
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Frequently Asked Questions about SDDOE System Information

What is the K-12 Data Center and Network?

The SD K-12 Data Center helps educational entities to enhance their technology. The Center offers technology services to South Dakota's K-12 educational community including public schools, tech schools, cooperatives, multi-districts, etc. The Center provides consistent, cost-effective services including email and calendars, email list services, web hosting, course management, streaming media, a help desk for the schools, and more. Questions or issues related to the performance of the network should be directed to the K-12 Data Center at or (605)256-5292.  

Is the Teacher/Proctor Certification Course required?

The Teacher/Proctor  Certification Course is recommended but not required for test administrators by the SDDOE. However, some districts may make it a requirement for teachers as part of their test preparedness. The SDDOE recommends it be taken as part of the training materials in the online TAM.