Frequently Asked Questions about Reporting
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Frequently Asked Questions about Reporting

Why don’t I see all my interim/summative reports and data in Reporting?

Users have the option to filter out data from their dashboard. The default dashboard in Reporting will show users all assessments, schools or teachers with whom they are associated. If a user is unable to see scores for a specific assessment or group, please check their Preferences under the Task Manager drop-down. Changes to the Task Manager preferences persist after a user logs out. If a user changes their Task Manager preferences, this choice will persist until preferences are updated again.

  •  Teachers and Proctors may exclude data for specific assessments in their reports by editing the “Test Preferences”.
  • School and District Coordinators can choose to view only the data that teachers have chosen in their test preferences by selecting “Teacher Preferences”.

Example: Teacher A and Teacher B are both associated with a Grade 7 ELA assessment. Teacher A updated her test preferences to exclude all ELA assessments. If you are a school-level user and you update your class preferences to “Teacher Preferences,” you will only see data for Teacher B on the School Assessment Report for Grade 7 ELA, but you will not see data for Teacher A on this report. Please see the Reporting User Guide for more detailed information.

Why don’t I see last year’s rosters?

Rosters that were created prior to the TIDE roll-over for the new school year are no longer available in the system. To view last year’s data, you have several options:  

If the teacher is rostered with students:

  • Once Reporting has rolled-over for the new school year, search for the student in your assessment/student dashboard and select the previous school year from the filter option to view the interim data.

If he teacher is not yet rostered with students or will not be rostered with the same students:

  • In Reporting, Teachers will need to request that the school coordinator (SC) print the previous year interim data from the assessment or student dashboard.

Where can I obtain the Interim Test Scoring Materials?

Interim Test Scoring Materials are available for download in TIDE and Reporting.

To download hand-scoring resources from TIDE, navigate to the General Resources drop-down list in the banner and select Interim “Test Scoring Materials”. The Interim Test Scoring Materials page will appears with download links for the required resource. (Note: This feature is available for all roles except Proctors (PRs).)

To download hand-scoring resources from Reporting, Click the stack of books button  in the upper-left corner of the report table. A pop-up window opens, displaying links to the available resources.

What interim assessments require hand scoring?

All Science interim items will be machine scored. Most ELA/Math interim items will be machine scored. The following assessments include items that require hand scoring:

  • Interim ELA Grade 11 - Read Literary Texts (IAB)
  • Interim ELA Grade 11 (ICA)
  • Interim MATH Grade 3 - Performance Task - Order Form (IAB)
  • Interim MATH Grade 4 - Performance Task - Animal Jumping (IAB)
  • Interim MATH Grade 5 - Performance Task - Turtle Habitat (IAB)
  • Interim MATH Grade 6 - Performance Task - Cell Phone Plan (IAB)
  • Interim MATH Grade 7- Performance Task - Camping Tasks (IAB)
  • Interim MATH Grade 8 - Performance Task - Baseball Tickets (IAB)
  • Interim MATH Grade 3  - Performance Task (ICA)
  • Interim MATH Grade 4  - Performance Task (ICA)
  • Interim MATH Grade 5  - Performance Task (ICA)
  • Interim MATH Grade 6  - Performance Task (ICA)
  • Interim MATH Grade 7  - Performance Task (ICA)
  • Interim MATH Grade 8  - Performance Task (ICA)